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Company Name: Huali Technology Co., Ltd

Business Type: Distributor/Wholesaler , Manufacturer , Other , Retailer , Service , Trade Company , Agent

Main Products: Urine drainage bag , Surgical drain , Syringe infusion set , Catheter , Disinfectant , Sourcing

Export Percentage: 71% - 80%

Year Established: 2010

Huali Tech and XianFull Tech produce and develop a series of devices for diabetes and its complications, carotid plaque, gout and other diseases. Using the Internet of Things technology, the combination of the device and mobile phone makes it convenient for patients to operate the device and view the treatment data. The treatment unit is portable and can be used at home or office.It can also be rented to community hospitals and other rehabilitation institutions.


Huali Tech as a branch of Sibet CAS wish all friends Happy New year. We return to work from 18 of Feb.


The Quantum lipid instrument is based on quantum mechanics, combined with the quantum theory of quantum biology. The light quantum released by the Quantum lipid instrument acts on human lipoprotein. The quantum energy matches the quantum energy needed by conversion and metabolism of human blood lipids. And then it uses the inherent way of human blood lipids` metabolism to correct the disorder of human blood lipids` metabolism, taking effect on the treatment of dyslipidemia, and on the prevention of cardio-cerebrovascular diseases caused by dyslipidemia, such as coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, and myocardial infarction.


Flow cytometry is an important tool in cell biology research.10,000 cells per second, the cell size, DNA content, extracellular proteins can be quickly, large throughput statistical analysis, divided into With high analysis sensitivity, more than ten parameters can be analyzed at the same time. It is known as the "CT" of biological laboratory.


From 2021, we will start to produce health care foods, like losing weight products, high pressure treating products etc. Welcome to contact with us.


Vacuum Blood Collection tubes including several color-topped tubes, such ESR tubes, Heparin Tubes, Gel Tubes, PT Tubes, Plain or Serum Tubes, Heparin Tubes, and EDTA K2 Tubes. Today we introduce ESR test to you. The ESR test measures the erythrocyte sedimentation rate, which is how quickly red blood cells settle at the bottom of a blood sample. Doctors cannot use the results of the test to diagnose a specific disease because many different health conditions can cause the ESR to be high or low. Doctors call the ESR test a nonspecific test, as it only confirms the presence or absence of inflammatory activity in the body. Doctors typically use other lab tests, clinical findings, and the person`s health history alongside ESR test results to make a diagnosis. Inflammation usually occurs in the body as a result of underlying medical conditions, such as infection, cancer, or an autoimmune disease. Doctors also use the ESR test to monitor how conditions, such as those below, are progressing or responding to treatment. rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune condition that causes inflammation in the joints temporal arteritis, a type of blood vessel inflammation polymyalgia rheumatica, a complication of temporal arteritis systemic vasculitis, inflammation of the lining of the blood vessels


Flow Cytometry Analyzer for Medical Study From the ancient till now, we are keeping up with the study of the secret of life, but there are still lots in the blood, how to find it? Is there any tool for it. We have an advanced instrument for your further medical study, it is Flow Cytometry Analyzer. Whose function is, Count cells Alalyze cell general parameters Analyze cell phenotype If you have interest in this instrument, feel free to contact with us.


Open Jaw Slide Clamp for Medical Grade Urine Bag As you know, the earth gets warm, which is a big headache for the biological protection, and caused the temperature raising higher. What shall we do? Decreasing the plastic quantity is the first solution. We cannot avoid to use plastics, but we can use a small quantity from now on. As a part for urine bag, slide clamp is very important to control the liquid speed. Most of the urine bag are disposable, which means the part for the urine bag can be used only once. Traditional slide clamp is a close slide clamp, which cannot be removed from the used urine bag, although it is not be polluted. Under this circumstances, how to decrease some plastic quantity? With the talented R&D team, we developed our only slide clamp, which is called open jaw slide clamp, can be removed from the tube of urine bag easily. At present, we have the parts fit for the tubing of 6*9mm and the tubing of 9*13mm, you can place an order now to tailor your favorite dimension.


We can supply latex glove and Nitrile butadiene glove. Excellent quality and good price. Pls contact with me asap.


Siince 2020, our company cooperating with SIBET and hopistal to provide "Cardiac fatigue test". Every year, 540,000 people die of sudden cardiac death in China, twice as many as died in the tangshan earthquake and eight times as many as died in the wenchuan earthquake. More than 50 percent of patients with sudden cardiac death are "healthy people" who have never been diagnosed with heart disease before.Sudden cardiac death occurs suddenly, rescue success rate is very low, the international rescue success rate is less than 2%, the domestic rescue success rate is less than 1%.Early identification of high-risk groups for sudden cardiac death and timely intervention can prevent the occurrence of sudden cardiac death in two-thirds of high-risk groups. Accurately locate the high-risk group of sudden cardiac death, take reasonable first aid measures, the success rate of first aid for patients with sudden cardiac death can be increased by 70 times. The heart fatigue test can accurately target the high-risk group of sudden cardiac death one year in advance (current follow-up data show that the targeted high-risk group is 625 times more likely to suffer sudden cardiac death than the general population). Prevention: early detection of high-risk groups of sudden cardiac death, timely intervention, can prevent two-thirds of high-risk groups from sudden cardiac death. First aid: accurately locate the high-risk group of sudden cardiac death, take reasonable first aid measures, the success rate of first aid for patients with sudden cardiac death That's a 70-fold increase. Our Professional Service: Our term will monitor heart testing data from the holter monitor to analysis the heart risk in five dimensions: 1. Measurement of cardiac capacity or quality 2. Measurement of heart nutrition and energy supply 3. Measure the controlled degree of heart and elbow 4. Type and quantity of cardiac event inducing factors were evaluated 5. Severity assessment of cardiac event triggers


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